My Work

Bringing together my love of paper, fabric, and needlework, I went through a lot of stitching and unraveling to develop my collection of pictures – intimate but universal moments of people I love or people I see on the street, nature and urban views, and all kinds of inspiring objects.

For most of my pieces, I use recycled blueprints, which I cover in fabric before embroidering them. I also sew on cloth: dowry serviettes I inherited or found in antique shops or thrift stores. The connection between the nostalgic motifs of the fabric and the embroidered images create works that are personal and touching. Most of the pictures I create are not large, giving me the opportunity to deeply research my connection to them and to see things from a new perspective.

Whenever someone orders a piece from me, they open a door for me to get to know and connect with the subject of the creation – views, people, or places that are dear to them and that, through the process, become dear to me. I invite you to join me and transform your photograph into a unique, embroidered picture.